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16. thuringia ULTRA



Start / Finish:

D-99880 Fröttstädt - Germany


Lauffeuer Fröttstädt e.V.


100 km long-distance run for Singles / 2s team: 2 x 50 km / 4s team: 4 x 25 km:
marking 100 km circuit with 2150 height metres for singles und teams

with the bike:

an accompanying with the bike for singles and teams is possible
- the registration has to be indicated latest at the number spent
- the bike is marked with a seperate number
- costs: Euro 15.-/ incl. catering


lending charge of rental chip is contained in the registration costs
The chip has to be handed in again after the run.
At not giving of the rental chip - additional charge of Euro 50,-

100 km: with split times after 27 km, 54 km and 76 km

Start times:

Single 100 km:
2s team:
4s team:

6-7-2024 - 4 a.m
6-7-2024 - 5 a.m
6-7-2024 - 5 a.m


6-7-2024 - 10 p.m


water, tea, coke and sportdrinks, as well as fruit, breads and various bolts
100 km: 18 catering points


Single 100 km:

2s/4s team:

Euro 70,- (to 31-3-2024 online)
Euro 80,- (to 31-5-2024 online)
Euro 95,- (to 30-6-2024 online and late registration at place, to shortly before start)

Euro 100,- (to 31-3-2024 online)
Euro 120,- (to 31-5-2024 online)
Euro 140,- (to 30-6-2024 online and late registration at place, to shortly before start)

Late registration at place are possible, from 5-7-2024, 3:00 p.m to shortly before start.

The costs are due at giving of the registration.
At not starting no repayment of the costs.


online from 1-1-2024 to 30-6-2024
Late registration at place from 5-7-2024, 3:00 p.m to shortly before start       to the registration

Finisher shirt:

Everyone, who have registered up to 31-5-2024 and have transferred the registration fees up to the 5-6-2024, get her Finisher shirt in the finish.
Registrations after 31-5-2024 and late registration at place: Finisher shirt will be send by post as quickly as possible.


Camping possibilities in the start/finish area
Limited supply for Masses-Camp

Time table:

3:00 p.m - 9 p.m  
6 p.m - 8 p.m  

from 3:00 a.m
from 3:00 - 5:00 a.m
4 a.m
5 a.m
from 11:30 a.m
from 3 p.m

Late registration and number spent
Noodle party

Breakfast offer
Late registration and number spent 100km und teams
Start 100 km single
Start 2s team / 4s team
Presentation ceremony

then big runner party !!!